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Occupied in Exile

A friend of mine commented on Facebook that he was slowly returning from his self-imposed week-long break from posting there and he thanked everybody that had written to him to see if he was okay.  I looked back and discovered that I have been in my self-imposed exile from Facebook (I mentioned why in a previous post here) for three weeks, and then I realized that nobody has noticed.  As I tweeted, “I’m not sure how I should take that.”

I was thinking about starting to post more often (like maybe every other day) but, well, that idea flew out the window.

That’s one of my problems: I get ideas about things to do and trying to fit them in around all of the other things I have to do (like work and school and helping around the house and bowling and…) can’t be done.  I don’t think this rush to get things done is mania, though (as in manic-depressive).  I think part of it is that these are things that I would like to do or learn, but I also think part of it is because somehow–sub-consciously–I want to keep my brain busy so that it can’t attack me.

This was going to be a longer post, but I’m experiencing two of the downsides of trying to keep myself busy: lack of sleep and headaches.

Am I doing better than I was last weekend?  Maybe.  The best I can say is that I’m doing no worse.  But for me, I think that’s good, because with dysthymia like I have, I’ll always be down, but at least I’m not more down.

Okay, time to lie down.

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