My idea for a business

I’ve had an idea for a business that I think would make money and that would help a lot of people. But, I also figure that nobody will take it seriously, so while I teased it on Facebook, I didn’t explain it there. And since nobody reads this, I can explain it here and nobody can steal it.

My idea is to have a set of locations. At each location are small rooms. At each location, a person who needs the services can either walk in or set an appointment for ten- or fifteen-minute sessions with a person of their preferred gender. The sessions would be low in cost. During these sessions, a client who is feeling lonely or overwhelmed can meet with another person and talk about how they’re feeling. The listener will listen carefully and talk with the client. At the end of the session, the associate will give the client a hug and words of encouragement. A client cannot block out more than one session at a time and there will be no hanky-panky or anything like that–it’s not a brothel or one of those massage parlors. It will be a place where a person can have someone listen to them and also get a hug to help ground them to help them feel that maybe they’re not alone. I would make sure that clients know that this is not a psychological counseling center: no medications are available, no diagnoses are possible.

Or maybe it’s just something I wish would exist for me to use.

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