I’m Not Sure How to Feel About This

I posted a tweet about my reaction to tonight’s episode of “The Big Bang Theory”, which dealt with the gang having their own prom on the roof because most of them hadn’t been to their proms. My tweet said: “Tonight’s episode of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ reminded me of how I didn’t go to my prom…or on a date.” This is true: I didn’t go to either my junior or senior prom. Nor did I go on a date in high school.

I have been feeling really lonely for the past couple of days. This happens quite often, actually, where just out of the blue, I’ll think about how alone I am–except for my mom and a few friends from high school, I have nobody. And being anxious in any social situation, that’s not liable to change.

So tonight’s episode, while it did make me laugh a few times, also made me really sad inside.

So here’s the part that confuses me. Apparently, the actress who played Howard’s cousin–and Stuart’s (Stewart’s?) date–saw my tweet and favorited it. Not having the context that I’m providing here, I’m sure she did that because it speaks to how I related to the premise of the episode. Yet, in my screwed-up head, I also see it as saying “yay” to the unknown context.

I guess that’s the blessing and the curse of social media: people can “like” or “favorite” things you say, not knowing the meaning beneath.


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