I have to say I was amazed this morning when I opened one of my email accounts and discovered all sorts of emails from WordPress telling me that people had read yesterday’s post and liked it (which, honestly, sounds a little weird to me, given the content of the post) or are now following me (I’ll try to post more frequently and not always on depressing stuff–although if I am in that mood, I will post about depressing stuff) and even one lovely comment (thank you, whittlingharmony).

When I wrote that post and put it up, I figured there would only be maybe (big maybe) one person who would read it.  The reason?  Because I don’t advertise this blog of mine at all.  I put up a tweet to announce that I’d put up a new post, but I only have two or three friends in real life who are on Twitter and follow me.  I thought maybe one of them might see it and comment, but most likely not because his weekends are usually pretty jam-packed.  The origins of this blog are fodder for another time.

I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank those of you whom I’ve never met who read my writing yesterday and expressed your feelings about it.  I’m still wresting with the essential question about why I seem unable to cry when real life actually turns sad.  Maybe I’m not meant to understand it.  But this week, I will contact my health insurance provider and at least find out if they’ll help me go talk to somebody.

Peace and progress.

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  1. QueenOfTheDessert

    Aw… You are welcome! (It’s whittlingharmony, I changed my name.) I’m glad to hear you will be contacting someone for help. I’m sure a professional can help you figure out the crying thing. Whatever the reason is, it does not make you flawed, wrong, or bad. Just you. 🙂 -Lisa

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